First Autonomous under water vehicle in Bangladesh


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duburi team 2022

We are bracu duburi

The BRACU Duburi team is committed to establishing a vibrant and inclusive community of AUV and ROV hobbyists and enthusiasts who will collaborate to develop cutting-edge, industrial-grade underwater vehicle. The team envisions fostering an environment where individuals can share their ideas, knowledge, and expertise to create innovative technologies that can revolutionize the underwater industry. Additionally, the team aspires to establish a state-of-the-art test facility that will enable the next generation of ROV enthusiasts to hone their skills and advance their knowledge in the field. Through these initiatives, the BRACU Duburi team aims to create a sustainable and innovative ecosystem that will drive the growth and development of the underwater industry in Bangladesh and beyond.

Duburi is composed of 7 sub teams which include Mechanical & 3D Design,AI & Autonomous,Sensor & Circuit,Control & Communication,Operations & Management,Research & Publication and Design & Outreach. These are tasked with different duties depending on the team's needs.

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duburi 4.0

Duburi 4.0

duburi 3.0

Duburi 3.0

duburi 2.0

Duburi 2.0

duburi 1.0

Duburi 1.0