First Autonomous Underwater Vehicle in Bangladesh


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We are bracu duburi

The BRACU Duburi team is dedicated to building a welcoming community for enthusiasts who love underwater robots. Our goal is to make a place where people can freely share their ideas and knowledge, crafting new technologies that could change how things work beneath the water.

Duburi is composed of 7 sub teams, each with its own role. The Mechanical & 3D Design team, for instance, deals with designing the physical parts, while the AI & Autonomous team focuses on smart decision-making. Sensor & Circuit, Control & Communication, Operations & Management, Research & Publication, and Outreach(Branding & Design) teams all have their unique responsibilities, making sure everything runs smoothly.

Our aim is to simplify complex underwater technology and make it accessible to all who share our passion. We believe that together, we can explore new depths and make a real impact in the world beneath the waves.

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duburi 1.0

Duburi 1.0

duburi 2.0

Duburi 2.0

duburi 3.0

Duburi 3.0

duburi 4.0

Duburi 4.0