Bracu DUBURI 3.0 Mechanical System

Duburi’s is designed in a manner that should allow it to withstand the pressures of 3 bars. Thus, the material chosen needs to have a very low weight-to-strength ratio to ensure that the AUV would be buoyant and have a max acceleration sucient for covering large search areas. 5083 marine-grade Aluminum was thus chosen over alternatives such as acrylic and plastic. This material has the additional benet of being suciently corrosion-resistant (even in salt-water environments), highly thermally conductive, widely available, and relatively easy to fabricate.

Hull Design Of Duburi 3.0

The new hull consists of a newer approach to keep with the demands of the ever developing AUV. The new design consists of a full aluminium chassis with openings to attach windows for better view and to increase the visibility for cameras. Which is a must considering the competition tasks which require a proper working vision system. The new design provides more space for components, better maneuverability and incorporates the newer 8 thruster design leaving behind the past 6 thruster design.

Torpedo Design Of Duburi 3.0

This year's new torpedo is designed specifically keeping the RoboSub 2022 in mind. The torpedo was designed with the overall complexity and cost in mind. The torpedo is self propelled via a reverse engineered DC motor to work underwater. The main enclosure contains the electrical components and the Lithium ion battery that is used to propel the torpedo forward. The use of 3D printed components keeps the overall cost as low as possible and the use of an electrical system was used to avoid any harmful materials as a substitute.

Grabber Design Of Duburi 3.0

The grabber was designed to be easy to produce and feasible in long term use. The grabber was locally cast with 5083 grade aluminum to ensure lightweight to maintain competition standards. The grabber has 1 degree of freedom and has a custom made actuator as its internals. The grabber will confirm a solid grip onto any object via the change of voltage.

Dropper Design Of Duburi 3.0

The new dropper is designed to carry two markers with a release mechanism. The dropper is initiated by a servo motor that drops a marker and prepares the next one parallely. It not only makes the minimal use of resources but also completes the task efficiently.