Bracu DUBURI 3.0 Electrical Architecture

On the hardware end, the Electrical & Electronic subteam is responsible for selecting Duburi’s components and sensors and designing and implementing Duburi’s PCB in accordance with Duburi's control system.

PCB Of Duburi 3.0

Duburi has its custom designed PCB that relays and connects all the sensors and electrical components keeping in component failures in mind. In order to swap sensors in case of failure. Apart from that also does not contain unnecessarily wiring.

Navigation System Of Duburi 3.0

For this years navigation system we have used GY-88 for compass and to recognise the orientation of the AUV. Also the new robust computer vision implementation recognises the objects and guides the AUV to its next goal

Computer System Of Duburi 3.0

For the computational unit the AUV uses a Nvidia Jetson Nano as its main processing unit. Which processes the vision data sent by cameras. And as a secondary unit an Arduino microcontroller has been used to convey and execute the processed commands.

Batteries Of Duburi 3.0

For long lasting performance we have used 12V Lithium polymer batteries which provide the required power used by the AUV to operate the computational units as well as the thrusters and other electrical components.

Kill switch Of Duburi 3.0

According to the competition standards we have a kill switch implemented that disengages all the thrusters and resurfaces the AUV.