General overview

Our strategy for participating in RobotSub for the first time is "basics first; software over hardware." BRACU Duburi's broad plan for RoboSub 2022 is to focus on executing the most basic activities first with a simple design; only after refining the basics have we added additional functionality (and complexity) to our designs to enable it to complete the more sophisticated duties of the RoboSub course. Furthermore, we overcome our material and logistics constraints by selecting only the bare minimum of gear. To make up for that, we've spent a lot of effort and time into developing a solid computer vision and software control system.

AUV Specification:

Weight (in Air)
61 lbs. (27.7kg)

Hull or waterproof Enclouser
19"x15 x7"

21*x 17 x 8"

8x Blue Robotics T100 Thruster

2x 12V 10,000 mAh LiPo Batteries (in series)

Underwater Connections
SubConn Power, Circular, Micro Circular, Ethernet, and Coax series

3x Blue Robotics 1080 P Low light cameras

Navigation Sensors
Pressure Sensor (Bar 30 Depth Sensor) IMU (Gy-88, SparkFun 9 Degrees of Freedom MU Breakout - LSM9DSO) Hydrophones (2x Teledyne Reson TC4013)

Main Computer
Jetson Nano Developer Kit, GPU: 128-core NVIDIA Maxwell" architecture-based GPU. - CPU: Quad-core ARMĀ® A57.

Embedded Computer (Control)
AT mega 2560

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Electrical Architecture
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Mechanical System
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Software Architecture